On Fri, Aug 5, 2022, 1:15 PM Samuel Klein <meta.sj@gmail.com> wrote:
The world of local 1TB iiab users is also very interesting for the implications for regional caching of different versions of essential information w/ sporadic high-bandwidth exchanges (sneakernet / Paquete Semanal style).  That also remains the most reliable way to get updates inside censorship regimes.

Censorship is beyond our control but certainly we want Internet-in-a-Box to be reliable for all ethnicities and all age groups in all countries — no matter how "dirigiste" vs "pure democracy" each country may be.

#LetMeLearn as they say...in school, at home, in the library, in rural health clinics...or even in prison.

Looking forward to a future w sharably-named bouquets and bouquet-level diffs and updates. 


Strongly Agree 💯

If software software developers are able to assist — they should write to me or make contact here:


While "Learning Bouquets" (grassroots curricular collections) are not yet "bulletproof" today (across all kinds of Learning Packs, not just ZIM files and Wikipedia) there's definitely enormous demand for this hassle-free approach to DIY.

We know this intimately from listening to learning communities of every kind — all around the planet — rapid + easy install of Internet-in-a-Box content is essentially #1 on almost everyone's list (with "curricular alignment" being a HUGE chore, as everyone eventually figures out :-)

So Yes: software engineering assistance from any talented volunteers interested in getting us over the hump — will indeed make these "Learning Bouquets" installable + evolvable for everyone in coming years ✅

Yup that also means a de facto "CDN" working at gigabit/s speeds in coming years (lots of work ahead of us ;-)

We're definitely getting there ⚒️

One step at a time.  As can be seen from a few quick examples here below — these are just some of the most popular "Learning Bouquet" choices made available to you/schools/everyone (thanks to the work of volunteer Tim Moody) when you install Internet-in-a-Box today — bases on actual schools preferences in these 3 countries:

http://iiab.me/jamaica (English only!)

http://iiab.me/mexico (Spanish-centric)

http://iiab.me/haiti (French-centric)

On Fri., Aug. 5, 2022, 11:58 a.m. Adam Holt, <holt@unleashkids.org> wrote:
Long time no see Jorge (-:

Others too are seeing a dramatic surge of interest in Internet-in-a-Box this year, and especially in the past month.  A lot of the recent interest is among people wanting a "complete" English Wikipedia for offline/survivalist purposes, as you can see from the 900,000+ views here:

Another big trend is that microSD cards and various other kinds of SSD/HDD drives have become insanely cheap (so even 1 TB Internet-in-a-Box's are becoming much more common, which can hold more than 10 copies of English Wikipedia, we're not in Kansas anymore!)  Based on clear community patterns (full copies of Wikipedia is almost always what every community wants) we're encouraging people to include the complete Wikipedia in several languages now (Spanish and French are always popular, among others).

Hopefully Wikipedia's historical maps will be included in full detail (right now ZIM files lose this high-resolution) in future too  alongside OpenStreetMap, and satellite photos that Internet-in-a-Box also includes, much like Google Maps but with privacy built in !!

A common endeavor among all these grassroots communities is to build up very rich Internet-in-a-Box "Learning Bouquets" for home schoolers, missionaries, NGO's and others (some very new demographics we did not see in prior years, in countries rich and poor!)  Certainly, English remains very dominant for now.  But in short: the surge is not just among "prepper" survivalists FYI, as the above TikTok vids might suggest.  Internet-in-a-Box software being completely free and increasingly very easy to install (after years of refinement, gets better every year!) is definitely part of this spike, that predated the above TikTok videos 

If you're interested in keeping up with these latest twists + turns in various countries — i.e. keeping an eye on Internet-in-a-Box grassroots community action in all countries (peacetime, wartime, rich, poor) as it grows — these will be posted here increasingly in coming months:

Definitely we're entering a New Chapter.  Many hard-working people have come together to get us this far, and to see where this leads.  Building upon Emmanuel Engelhart's & many other non-traditional Wikipedia volunteers' hard work bringing Wikipedia to completely new kinds of communities~ 🪫🔋

Keep in Touch!

PS if you want to install Internet-in-a-Box yourself, on almost any old laptop (or Raspberry Pi if you prefer!) do that here:

On Fri, Aug 5, 2022 at 10:36 AM Jorge Vargas <jvargas@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hi James! So lovely to hear from you. 

Out of curiosity, can you share more about what latest build of the internet in a box at estoy shipping? Where are they going and how did they reached out? What content are you shipping them with and what memory capacity do you have? 

Super interesting stuff!! Are you planning to get any feedback from these users once they start testing and suing the devices? That would also be really cool learning. 


On Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 11:51 PM James Heilman <jmh649@gmail.com> wrote:
We have seen a significant increase in interest in these devices this month, having shipped 24 devices so far.

As such we are increasing what we charge to distribute them to 50 USD each so we are not losing money on each device. Also hopefully this will make it easier for others to get into distribution.

James Heilman
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