Hello offline community!

Work on an offline project is pushing forward, so I thought I'd give a brief update on this list-serve, with the hopes of revitalizing communication here :)

Hopefully most on this listserve are familiar with Martin Walker and his team's work on Wikipedia 1.0.  The project is on the verge of launching Wikipedia 0.8, with the hopes of the 1.0 release early next year. 

Today,  a few of us had a brief chat on IRC concerning what needs to be done to accelerate the development of Wikipedia 1.0.  I wanted to capture those notes (see below) here to accelerate conversations. Not all these notes will be applicable to everyone; just want to utilize this space for public sharing!

Also, if anyone has comments or wants to be involved with the article selection process, please don't hesitate to (and in fact, please DO) reach out!

==Meeting Highlights==
===Wikipedia 1.0 is anticipated for release at end of Q1 2011==
**50-60K English articles
**Search capabilities, thumbnail pictures & data boxes, index
** 4-8GB

* Predecessor WP 0.8 set for release in couple weeks
**Incorporates WikiTrust in article selection

*Biggest bottleneck to completing is the desired /Indexing /functions

===Indexing function===
* Currently have three indexing capabilities: alphabetical, geographical, Topical (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:0.7/0.7index)
* Input format for index is plain text files
* Two informational specialists are working on the ideal indexing (e.g., http://pastebin.com/WER6Ghqz)
* Proposed index is sent out to WikiProjects for revision/manual editing (estimated 1-2 months)

==Next Steps=
1. Evaluate the index and input file process (tomaszf & carl-m to follow-up)
2. Evaluate state of communication/learning sharings across projects
(jwild to follow-up with Martin about this)

Thanks to all for the awesome work and particularly the whole Wikipedia
1.0 team for their hard pushes here!
Jessie Wild
Special Projects Manager
Gloabl Development
Wikimedia Foundation