2010/4/30 Sean Moss-Pultz <sean@openmoko.com>

Hi Alejandro

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 11:43 PM, Alejandro J. Cura <alecura@gmail.com> wrote:


Hernán and Diego are the two interns tasked with updating the data
that cdpedia uses to make the cd (it currently uses a static html dump
dated June 2008), but they are encountering some problems while trying
to make an up to date static html es-wikipedia dump.

I'm ccing this list of people, because I'm sure you've faced similar
issues when making your offline wikipedias, or because maybe you know
someone who can help us.

We're doing this XML to HTML conversion as one of the steps in our process of rendering Wikipedia for our WikiReader device. We can build Spanish without issues. 

All of our source code is here:


The specific portion you would need is the offline-renderer located here:


You'll probably need to modify the HTML output for your specific needs. Just let me know if you get stuck. 


I'll take a look. Thanks!

Hernan Olivera