I think Brion’s software codec playback work could have its own session in of its self ;) but of course the overview may be more accessible to WMF audience. 

Added a +1 to proposal page.


On Apr 7, 2014, at 3:00 PM, Fabrice Florin <fflorin@wikimedia.org> wrote:

Hi Brion and Andrew,

I think it makes sense to give an overview of all video initiatives in a single session -- and include highlights of Brion’s work in the same session that Andrew and I are contributing to.

Though if Brion would like to spend more time going over the technical details of his work on supporting video on mobile platforms, I agree with Andrew that it would make sense to have him give a follow-up session immediately after the overview — since the target audience might be different. 

I guess that would be up to the organizers, ultimately. Either way works for me :)



On Apr 7, 2014, at 12:31 PM, Andrew Lih <andrew.lih@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Brion, sorry didn't see your submission either. 

Perhaps we can combine them so you talk more the technical parts, the infrastructure challenges, your cool JS experiments.

I can talk more about the user-facing challenges, such as the state of open source user tools, the stats on video use in articles, and content concerns. 

We can also talk about possible ways for Internet Archive to be part of the solution. Hopefully by the time Wikimania comes around, we'll have something in place.

We could propose one hour for both of us that way -- 30/30?


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On Apr 7, 2014, at 11:35 AM, Brion Vibber <bvibber@wikimedia.org> wrote:

Looks like I also submitted one that has some overlap there, as I hadn't seen Andrew's in yet at submission time -- https://wikimania2014.wikimedia.org/wiki/Submissions/Freedom_in_motion:_the_state_of_open_video_and_audio_at_Wikimedia

Shall I do my presentation of compatibility tools as a subsection of yours, or refocus my presentation proposal on the tools & research projects and keep it separate? 30 minutes is probably a bit tight for three people to present so I'm thinking I'll refocus mine. :)

-- brion

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Fabrice Florin <fflorin@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hi folks,

Now that I am back from vacation, I would like to put together a page listing all Wikimania 2014 proposals related to Multimedia. 

If you submitted a proposal on that topic, could you please share the link with us? 

I would also like to thank Andrew Lih for submitting this proposal on video, which I will be joining as well:

* The State and Fate of Video in Wikimedia

If you are interested in this presentation, the Multimedia Overview or Multimedia Roundtable sessions linked below, please sign up on their respective pages to let us know of your interest. 

Also, please let us know if you would like us to focus on any particular topics during these general multimedia sessions.



On Mar 31, 2014, at 11:45 AM, Fabrice Florin <fflorin@wikimedia.org> wrote:

Hello friends of multimedia … and greetings from Bali!

I’m on vacation here through the end of the week, but just took a break from my yoga retreat to submit these session proposals for Wikimania 2014, since the deadline is today:

* Multimedia_Overview
Presentation - 30 mins.

* Multimedia Roundtable
Workshop/Discussion - 150 mins.

The first proposal is intended for folks who just want a quick update on what we’re working on. The second one is going to be a more interactive, in-depth brainstorming session to help plan our next steps together, much as we did last year in Hong Kong:

If you plan to go to Wikimania this year and you are interested in either of these sessions, please sign up at the bottom of the submission pages to let the organizers know of your interest.



P.S.: I will not respond to emails on this account until I return to work next Monday. But in my absence, Gilles Dubuc and others on the multimedia team can address any questions you might have about these sessions, as well as make any tweaks to the submissions, as needed.


Fabrice Florin
Product Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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