Maybe the tile viewer project could be segmented in a way that it could be spread over multiple volunteer developer tranches. Quim, what do you think?


On Oct 26, 2015 10:37 PM, "Brian Wolff" <> wrote:
On 10/26/15, Pine W <> wrote:
> Assuming that this image will be released with a Commons-compatible
> license, sooner or later (maybe many years later), there will be a use case
> for increasing the Commons file size limit to 194GB:

That's not going to happen.

> Perhaps in a timeframe in the nearer future, could MediaViewer be tweaked
> to download and show only small portions at a time of large images and/or
> tiled sets of of images? I think this feature might get a lot of use from
> the moment of deployment.

Commons currently uses tool labs for this (See the interactive large
image viewer like, on e.g.,_Elevated,_and_Dewey_Square.jpg
). I'm sure this would be a cool feature for media viewer. I doubt its
going to happen in the near future based on current priorities
(Obviously, its open source, so anyone could submit a patch. Maybe it
would make a cool gsoc project to have a tile viewer in media viewer,
albeit that's kind of on the large size for a gsoc project.


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