I think Gilles is working on 3D support for MultimediaViewer, if not panoramic/spherical viewing, then at least thumbnailing them in a way that makes sense. He can probably explain that more than I can, but I'd bet you could hook into the same system and add more complex support.

I haven't looked at the annotation system JS yet, but maybe we (I) could pull that into an extension short-term. I was thinking of doing that to HotCat first (mainly because I was so deeply offended that I read it still supports MediaWiki 1.15), but having annotations available for every MediaWiki instance would be a cool thing.

On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 9:07 AM Hay (Husky) <> wrote:
I like it! Seems like a perfect idea to prototype at a hackathon!

In general, i think it's a shame that virtually all content on
Wikipedia is text and images. We have so many opportunities to make
interactive datavisualisations, videos, etcetera.

-- Hay

On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 1:41 PM, Brion Vibber <> wrote:
> At Wikimedia Conference in Berlin I met with Felix from Wikimedia Ghana, who
> is super interested in getting more immersive media available such as
> 360-degree panoramic photos ("photo spheres"); I showed him the tool labs
> widget using panellum to do WebGL spherical photo viewing -- see
> -- and he was very excited
> to see that it's something we could probably work out how to integrate in
> the nearish term.
> That got me thinking more generally about new media types (video, panos,
> stereoscopic photos/videos/panos, 3D models, interactive diagrams, etc) and
> how we can extend them to support annotations and linking in a way that
> could create immersive visual experiences with the same kind of rich
> information and interlinking that Wikipedia is famous for in the world of
> text articles.
> Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: "Epic saga: immersive hypermedia (Myst for
> Wikipedia)"
> I would be real interested to hear y'all's ideas on medium to long term
> feasibility and desirability of this sort of system, and what we can pull
> more directly into the short term.
> For instance I would love to get the panoramic / spherical viewers
> integrated in MMV, which is much easier than figuring out how to do
> clickable annotations in 3d environment. ;)
> Medium term, I would also love to see us look at the annotation system
> that's on Commons done in site JS, and see if we can build a
> future-extensible system that's more integrated into the wiki and can be
> used in MMV.
> Longer term, I think it'll just be nice to have these kinds of long-term
> goals to work towards.
> Thoughts? Ideas? Am I crazy, or just crazy enough? ;)
> -- brion
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