Hi everyone,

Keegan and I reviewed our release plan for Media Viewer today and would like to update it based on community feedback.

We propose to spread out the release to large wikis over the next 3 weeks, so we can better focus on each community’s needs. Next week, we would like to deploy on the French and Dutch Wikipedias, and carefully evaluate the performance and community feedback on these first large sites. 

At the request of our community partners, we would like to push back to the following week the release to Portuguese, Swedish and a few other wikis. This will give their users two weeks to test it out in beta and and give us more feedback — and it will enable us to carefully review the performance and community response on our first large wikis and pilot sites before deploying widely on a lot of large wikis. And a week later, we would release to English, German, Italian and Russian, which are likely to require more community interaction.

Here is the updated schedule we recommend:

• May 1:
Dutch and French Wikipedias

• May 8: 
Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu? Wikipedias, Wikimedia Commons

• May 15:
English, German, Italian and Russian Wikipedias

• May 22:
Enable by default on all wikis

Does this plan work for you? Any comments or recommendations?

You can read more here:


We’ve added links to local pages or surveys on many of these sites. If we are missing a link to an important announcement or discussion, you are welcome to add it on this page. :)

Thanks for all your help with this project. Have a wonderful weekend!



Fabrice Florin
Product Manager, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation