Hi folks, 

We're happy to announce that Media Viewer is now live on all wikis hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation!

Media Viewer is testing well on all remaining Wikipedias (e.g.: Chinese, Arabic, Hindu, Indonesian, etc.) and sister sites (e.g.: MetaWiki, Wikibooks, Wikiquotes, Wikiversity, Wiktionary).

The multimedia team worked hard in the last few weeks to develop a range of final features, in response to frequent community requests. We hope you will try them out and let us know what you think on the Media Viewer discussion page (1).

1. Features on All Wikis
These features are now available on all wikis as of today:
* View original file (#630)
* Scroll down to see more info (#697)
* Show Commons link to logged out users (#429)
* Easy opt-out for registered users (#703)
* Opt-out for anons (#704)

You can test these features on this Featured Pictures page. (2)

2. Features on MediaWiki.org only:
These features are now available on MediaWiki.org and will be deployed to all wikis in coming days:
* Make it easier to find image information (#706)
* Prominent links to different image sizes (#664)
* Add more tooltips to Media Viewer (#546)
* Disable MediaViewer for certain images (#511)
* Track 'View original file’ and ‘Commons link' clicks (#715, #726)
* Track Media Viewer Opt-outs (/#558, #675)

You can test these features on this demo page (3) — and learn more on the updated help page (4).

3. Features in development
Other tasks in development or analysis include:
* Show attribution credits in download tool (#598)
* Make 'Commons link' and 'Use this file' more discoverable (#732)
Click on image in Media Viewer to help view original file (#712)
* Improve Media Viewer UI on tablets (zoom/scroll) (#716)
* Remember the last selection for ‘Use this file' (#660)

You can view more details about these features on our planning site. (5)

4. Feedback
We keep getting generally positive feedback worldwide, with these latest results: (6)
* A majority of global respondents find the tool useful (60% average across surveys)
* Cumulative approval by language: English 29%, French 70%, Spanish 78%, Dutch 59%, Portuguese 81%, German 28%, Hungarian 62%, Catalan 71%
* Daily approval rates have increased on English Wikipedia from about 23% a day after launch to 39% two weeks after launch (and German approval has also increased from 23% to 56% in the same period).
* We anticipate further approval increases on these sites, as more new features get rolled out in coming days, based on community feedback.

We are also starting to track the opt-out rates to see how many people turn off Media Viewer in their preferences. As of June 16, about 875 users had disabled this feature on the English Wikipedia, two weeks after launch: this represents about 0.34% of all registered users who viewed images on the site since launch. We are sorry that this small minority of users don’t like the tool, but we are glad that so many other users are finding it useful.

Please let us know what you think of these new features on our main discussion page (1). Which do you like most? least? Are there other must-have features that need to be developed right away, before we move on to other projects? 

Thanks to all the community and team members for all you’ve done to make Media Viewer possible. :)


Fabrice — for the Multimedia Team

(1) Discussion page:

(2) Featured Pictures:

(3) Demo page:

(4) Help page:

(5) Planning site:

(6) Survey results:


Fabrice Florin
Product Manager, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation