Hello again,

We have one more release update for Media Viewer, based on today’s discussions with our deployment and engineering teams.

They recommend that we devote an entire release to Wikimedia Commons on May 15, because it is is a more complex deployment, which we want to track more closely. As a result, we will push back the release to other large wikis by a week, with the final release to all wikis taking place at the end of May, if all goes well. Next week’s release will take place as planned, except that it will not include Wikimedia Commons. 

Here is the updated schedule:

• May 8: 
Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Telugu Wikipedias

• May 15:
Wikimedia Commons

• May 22:
English, German, Italian and Russian Wikipedias

• May 29:
Enable by default on all wikis

More details are posted here:


Next week, we’ll post an update on how Media Viewer is performing on our first 16 sites, along with more community feedback.

Have a great weekend!



Fabrice Florin
Product Manager, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation