Hi folks,

We invite you to join our IRC chat about Media Viewer (1), today at 18:00 UTC on #wikimedia-office (2)

We will discuss new features for this multimedia browser, which we developed based on feedback from community and team members like you. Here’s what we’re working on now: faster image load, better user interface, more meta-data, attribution and permissions -- and an improved ‘use this file’ tool with share, embed and download options.

Even if you can’t join the IRC chat, we encourage you to participate on our discussion page for Media Viewer (3), where new features are regularly updated. We would love it if you could try the ones labeled ‘ready for testing’. You can also review our specifications for features that are ‘coming soon’ — and hope you can help test them as well later this month (we release new code every Thursday).

In coming weeks, we will be completing the main features of beta version v0.2, and aim to release it on a few pilot sites at the end of the quarter — with a wider release next quarter. We are also starting design work on the next version v0.3, which will support more media file formats such as audio and video, to be developed next quarter. (4)

We look forward to discussing this project with you via IRC in an hour — and on our discussion page on an ongoing basis. This is a good opportunity to improve these features together — so we can provide a better experience for all our users.

All the best,

on behalf of the Multimedia Team (5)

(1) About Media Viewer:

(2) Media Viewer Chat on IRC:

(3) Media Viewer Discussion page:

(4) Media Viewer Next Version v0.3:

(5) Multimedia Project Hub:


Fabrice Florin
Product Manager, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation