Hi all,

after rolling out MediaViewer to the English and German Wikipedias, we have gotten quite a few complaints; to understand how representative they are, I have looked at the number of users who have opted out (there is a user preference for that; it is linked from the MediaViewer interface, although one of the recurring complaints is that it is still not trivial to find). I would appreciate opinions on whether this is a good approach and whether I did it the right way.

The queries I have run look like this:

select up_value, count(*) from user left join user_properties on user_id = up_user and up_property = 'multimediaviewer-enable' where user_touched > '20140604000000' and user_editcount > 10000 group by up_value;

for various edit count limits (the timestamp is the time of deployment on enwiki plus a few hours).