Migrating thread to mobile-l.

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From: Max Binder <mbinder@wikimedia.org>
Date: Fri, May 20, 2016 at 3:58 PM
Subject: Mobile Content Service Phab board workflow

Hey iOS/Web/Android,

The MCS Phab board[1] used to have "Doing" and "Code Review" columns. This was somewhat redundant with existing workboards, notably Android's sprint boards (Android has been the primary contributor to MCS, but doesn't officially own the work). It was weird to move the same task into "Doing" and "Code Review" on different boards, so we simplified the flow and removed the "Doing" and "Code Review" columns from MCS's Phab board.

What this means for you: If you do MCS work, tag the task with your own team's workboard. For Android and Web, this means tagging it with your sprint board. For iOS, this means tagging it with your release board. As always, talk with your POs and teammates before pulling in work.

As the work is resolved in sprint/release boards, the tasks will also disappear from the MCS board (same as the relationship that tasks have between backlogs and sprints). If you're looking at the MCS board, you'll be able to tell if a task is in-flight by noting the tags on the tasks on the boardview. For example, tags for "Mobile-App-Android-Sprint-82-Lead" and "Patch-for-Review" would indicate that a task is in-flight on Android's sprint board, and in code review.

This will prevent redundancy of process, and will also let POs on each team know what their team's devs are working on without having to hunt down MCS tasks in Phab.

Please reach out with any questions.