On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 11:32 AM, Brion Vibber <bvibber@wikimedia.org> wrote:
I've been looking into what it would take to support a Windows 8 Metro style app well, and have written up some notes and screenshots:

I've updated the screenshots with the current state of the stub application; please feel free to give feedback!
A standalone test application that runs on Windows 8 Consumer Preview and implements some of the system integration (but none of the article reading!) is on my github account:

There's also a preliminary solution & project file in the main app's git repo, in the WikipediaMetro subdirectory, but this doesn't fully run right now (the way we load some scripts violates a security rule) and doesn't do any of the integration. I'll try and get it running proper soon...

I'll start integrating these next week, now that most of the UI feel and system integration is fleshed out in the stub app.

-- brion