At this time the mobile interface does not support WebFonts or any other extension (the MobileFrontend extension does the mobile formatting, and doesn't currently pass through any other extensions' JavaScript or CSS).

You can click through the 'view on regular wikipedia' link to test whether WebFonts works there; if support is good we can make the extensions talk to each other.

There is some concern that Indic fonts are likely to fail to render properly even if the fonts come through due to limitations in the platforms, but that's what testing is for! :)

The blank home pages are a known issue with how they get special-cased in the reformatted if they don't have specially marked sections; there should be a doc page around somewhere...

-- brion

On Dec 15, 2011 12:20 AM, "Amir E. Aharoni" <> wrote:

I've been asked on the Wikimedia India mailing list whether WebFonts
work on the mobile sites, and frankly, i didn't know what to say.

I'm not even sure what the mobile sites *are* now. If i browse from my
laptop to, am i supposed to see what a user
who browses to from his phone sees?

If that is the situation, then most Wikipedias in Indic languages are
probably not properly configured to support the mobile site. I found
actual content only on Tamil (ta), Marathi (mr) and, somewhat
surprisingly, Sanskrit (sa). All the other Wikipedias only show a
search box and some boilerplate text, although most of it is

Is it worth the effort to tell the local admins there to make the
necessary configuration or is the mobile site going to change soon?

Thank you,

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