Hi everyone,

We've released our latest update to the Wikipedia Android app, now available on the Google Play store. (For devices without Google Play services, you may download the app directly)
Here are the highlights from this update:

* Multi-language support: you may now select multiple languages simultaneously to be your preferred languages in the app.
** When searching for a term within the app, you can easily switch between preferred languages to see results in that language.
** The Explore feed now shows content in all of your preferred languages. Customization of the feed has been expanded to include per-language preferences for each type of feed content.
** When first installing the app, it automatically detects your languages based on your system settings and keyboard locales.

* Per-platform app packages: when downloading or updating the app from the Play Store, it will download an APK specifically tailored to your device's platform. This reduces the download size from ~24MB to about ~10MB.

* Added a preference in Settings to restrict downloading reading list articles only when on Wi-Fi, to conserve mobile data usage.

* A whole lot of miscellaneous bug fixes to improve stability and performance (full change log).


Dmitry Brant
Senior Software Engineer (Android)
Wikimedia Foundation