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When I first saw the "Random article" in Wikipedia bask in 2004 or so, I immediately though - "Right, they probably added because they wanted it to look like an old-school paper encyclopedia that you can open randomly."

I guess that it's not clear to all people.

If I recall correctly, that button was added because there were requests for it, but was its existence ever justified? If there's interesting data about using the "random" button, a blog post could be published about it that would serve as the rationale for keeping the functionality. For example, that it gets people to read and click more links and maybe become editors.

Also, it could be relabeled as something more fun without using the word "random", which is a tad technical. The first thing that comes to my mind is "I just want to read something."

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2014-09-17 3:48 GMT+03:00 Monte Hurd <mhurd@wikimedia.org>:
We received the following feedback email through testflight:

Hi, I already tested your latest updates in Wikipedia 4.0.2, and I want to give you some feedbacks :

1.) If I want to see my previous article or my next article, I don't need to press the back (<) button or forward (>) button. Instead, I can swipe my finger from the left or right side of the display. (For example, the navigation gesture in Safari)

2.) When I want to delete my saved page, the animation is a bit late.

3.) The "Random" button in the sidebar. Actually, I don't understand why it was made. Because, someone who opens Wikipedia, must be know what he/she looking for. So, I want to suggest to delete the "Random" button (*if you don't mind)

That's all I want to say. And I hope to see another beta updates. Thank you.

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