Thanks Kaldari & Joaquin! Tomorrow, I'm planning on making a shell script that compares head to whatever branch and then makes it pretty with links.  Ideally, copy / paste format into a wiki page.

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 3:11 AM, Joaquin Oltra Hernandez <> wrote:
Thanks for the info Rob!

I recommend you have a pass at the mobile frontend release changelog, there's cool info there on generating changelogs. I just added a couple of new comments:

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 12:13 AM, Ryan Kaldari <> wrote:
You can create prettier log lists with something like:
git log --pretty=format:'%Cblue%h %Cgreen%cd %Cred%cr %Creset%s' --date=short -20

(hat tip to Joaquin for telling me this trick originally)

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 3:01 PM, Rob Moen <> wrote:
Here is a crude list of the changes that went out today when rolled out to 1.26wmf3.  I've manually created this list from the difference in what was previously deployed on and what is live now.   There must be an easier way to create this list as I know one similar to it is created during the deployment branch cuts.   In the future I would like to send out a prettier version with links to bug tasks and change ids.

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: Ia0590f69382760e0e8a6671ea59c77aad7b2e227

Explicitly define module position: 

    Bug: T97410

    Change-Id: Icc4232da28ac3473c5a0939d168709d3224721d2

Render Collection list items with templates.

    Bug: T97284

    Change-Id: I54c9ff03bf432049f5f7da8a229bd1025bc63218

Hygiene: Remove the 'options' argument from preRender and postRender functions

    Change-Id: I739fc54f7a441474186bc3f79c9941b2dcfedb46

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I8c44ebdd77e56ccbddafddb1be01b9cbbd7d585b

Hygiene: Remove outdated comment

    Change-Id: I442b4f14bb235420eb402f7c429ac0c14a07314b

When editing collection: Done -> Save

    Bug: T97266

    Change-Id: I90dd88e402abbd7254b2e3c4879d6df33e794b65

Write log entries for showlist and hidelist to Special:Log

    Bug: T95250

    Change-Id: I8f27acd82916ab799277a4fce21e7b9d407afab7

Update how deleted pages behave

    Bug: T93295

    Change-Id: I893bd1efac5b2015d9ef441f810b7eb0c915dd54

Making the Gather login and signup messages work in standard way

    Bug: T95729

    Change-Id: I374fd141d555f1fed06abf92ebd00461f87d96eb

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: Icee724998ec4cf0e48dd8904dc7ea1a54045fddf

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I2ac8980bc70da53727f25941707868b78f5ce3a8

Switch URL used for collection in moderation notification

    Change-Id: Id133570788f5bed78d0fed2db85b9305a01408cc

hygiene: Consistent collection url generation

    Change-Id: I68c50e57e80bdc9dbb6c4b8ddc39591879f66c83

Prevent multiple clicks to flag and detach from dom on confirmation

    Change-Id: I9a159557449d1712993bcfe3a17214fd739e571b

Stop Gather from erroring

    Bug: T97175

    Change-Id: I63780f9c9999f57bb69357c7228691bc7bc5ca4d

Switch URL used for a collection

    Bug: T94527

    Change-Id: If7bb1941d37ca8ebe20594f4fbf2857d27eac311

Show hide button on collection itself

    Bug: T94228

    Change-Id: I99cbcb27f709c12009ae0edbbd59d00fe08a5311

 i18n: Specify content language directions

    Bug: T96497

    Change-Id: Id020c1aeb34d5f2edd4138fb1a4eb2893a96b73b

i18n: Tweaks

    Bug: T95547

    Change-Id: Id1bd4e0d2780c63285d3b1b1a7685392ec9ab382

Save changes to members of collection only when done clicked

    Bug: T95776

    Bug: T96897

    Change-Id: I333466cdc4ba0c838c9585739d311e6b4a35e170

Fix flag button, stop unnecessary API request

    Bug: T97076

    Change-Id: I3a98d0f5234d2ccb50fff6095f30b9ce52c051ad

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: Ia50b72d962b20895e093e0f0dd9e6c7f3ce1d98e

Design: Improve spacing of content overlay on phones

    Bug: T95628

    Change-Id: I50bf8200fc462d4508f79400833c6bb932b65e27

Deleting collection: hide dialog when finished, toast on refresh

    Bug: T96294

    Change-Id: I1264feb441e3d99fca98e8e5dce2af9484b06895

Always point to collections menu item when creating a collection

    Bug: T95976

    Change-Id: Ibdf662a206f55856d906c38fabd62cf23f831d29

Hygiene: Fix jscs issues in Gather

    Change-Id: I38074bcc1d8499c57708492e71393f78bd4163a3

Don't surface 'public' property in addition to 'perm'

    Bug: T96665

    Change-Id: I33bbed5e7ed5c6eb7a0cc7d0178ee0df0a7a0e79

Add flag collection button and confirm overlay

    bug: T94871

    Change-Id: I2b373e5415f76f85dba78d246b3c22af2284c261

Notify user when their collection is hidden or unhidden

    bug: T94802

    Change-Id: I87d5e8d66f5760c56ec02ecda3770c4bbc7c6a0a

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I7aa1d4a15e318719ca68eec5ae27f91e6cbe9a6b

Do not use a url for the "delete collection" confirmation dialog

    Bug: T96167

    Change-Id: I88f362b101cb9bd0f3d0fed3b89f3d22255e135e

New collection opens collection editor interface

    Bug: T94803

    Change-Id: I1e444cef82a387ab135c19d35af8ff5bbac6bac8

Add placeholder for admin moderation expectations to Special:GatherLists

    bug: T95635

    Change-Id: Iab6029d29f89024961f17f96500c8a1f08a62f27

Editing shouldn't make a collection private

    Bug: T94257

    Change-Id: I1ee8b64ff31435b397e97d9cd6b4668ae7f1f1d2

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I99cfd61ae7661a6373a7b3971826b46f7587d598

Change button label for edit button in edit collection overlay

    Bug: T95776

    Change-Id: Id8fd49c0e80ea5d76b0d518a41ac85941e9c4fb8

Make edits to title and description instanenous

    Bug: T95776

    Change-Id: Icded25ee00fc009e1fb95c3cf118939c0f24f890

Add url Special:Gather/id/{id} number

    Change-Id: I2b7331b8c5ff72abfd5c2f1903b058c6fa1bf4ea

Add isset checks for array in CollectionsList

    Bug: T96585

    Change-Id: I86cbd9a0456d67990682ad2f65c0aba2fb5bf822

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I6d09a5da2ff0a2798192264191ff518fe6a169ca

Correctly identify collections as hidden

    Bug: T95967

    Change-Id: I7c208abde6bce1874ce3582613bcb6d45bb86cbe

Update for core API change

    Bug: T96595

    Change-Id: Ief0d59e0f857affc27ed2effb84800b2cb2dfb7c

Adjust input based on available size

    Bug: T93651

    Change-Id: Ib53f2b69a4679eb686b69c68e9d7ff3da23b18bf

Adjust messages for empty collections based on user viewing it

    Bug: T95740

    Change-Id: I3ba70a20f53b0b8f0352fdb809f0bc349116714b

Add special page alias for Special:GatherEditFeed

    Change-Id: I2252a1ad044264ae4075e87cc0fe66d469d81927

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I70f37cbbd1e83c2658e2d8701d28c72440e39bbc

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I201cd1b9759256bb09bd354841e1ed8cdfa858a3

Support making collections private

    Bug: T94257

    Change-Id: I2586b10807d3934ff6249336f518050e2f477424

Correct error handling for hide/show admin actions

    Bug: T96319

    Change-Id: Ia167bc2b0c2ea2042e170809cd783dbb358f0e65

Return listpages results in query object

    bug: T94124

    Change-Id: I41cd540c3faa4de0be3da5e619c0f9c9cdeb2b05

Make the private checkbox to be a public checkbox

    Bug: T93391

    Change-Id: I3fca2ed845ea28de8b11f590b1dd81058f5f9852

Swap X button for arrow for editor overlay

    Bug: T95776

    Change-Id: I2816e0f73f18d461277a6f52c767378930ff748a

Hygiene: Split out dialog from collection delete overlay

    Change-Id: Iafc725abdac69597af55f25116e49160853554a5

Hygiene: Make it possible to edit a collection from any page

    Change-Id: Ic89bcd165e19744aa6767467ea572451337b609e

Redirect to canonical url for Gather pages

    Bug: T96151

    Change-Id: If7a07cded5bc38cc80042f6947dceb0d57cbe64f

Make Special:Gather show pages for that user

    Change-Id: Ib34244ee827a4fbd7d68d4367e554fc09cdafdff

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I213633f9b530de719f0b4d9361e31037e9af8f4b

Differentiate between html <title> and page title on php views

    Bug: T93618

    Change-Id: I47e54b4aaa72079fe4400ff4297e7af8ef7c4cbf

Error in regex broke User lists pages

    Bug: T96245

    Change-Id: I66e79042b9e6b38e15f58dd6c1faebf893a93fd6

Localisation updates from

    Change-Id: I1d13d858356e45f642222bb5e7672d915fac4be4

Hygiene: Refactor JS code for hiding/showing collections

    Change-Id: Ifb508f155a358eff06cd1fd3fff534412fc651bb

Login messages: Add support for MobileFrontend loginpage

    Bug: T95903

    Change-Id: I3e36f0386eff68720bd659c77158a9a6a1a738a8

Add meta tags for when sharing /by/User

    Bug: T95239

    Change-Id: Icb58e419fa244775b8820466a17b1da32c9127b1

Hygiene: Extract image to thumbnail to reusable method

    Bug: T95239

    Change-Id: Iabaff64f49a68f7bbb2dc4ab20ede49cd05ef572

Don't show Delete button on a collection page

    Bug: T95732

    Change-Id: I71dc36d36a19b4eb6c1cce4769b8ae56c89d65bf

Add i18n messages for login signup

    Bug: T95729

    Change-Id: I77bb3e8741f33f0520c782384117f31acf8c6c18

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 3:01 PM, Rob Moen <> wrote:
Hello Gatherlings and other folks who may or may not be interested,

Today Gather's 1.26wmf3 deployment branch was updated to master and deployed to wikis running 1.26wmf3.   Tomorrow is riding the deployment train and all wikis will be updated to wmf3 [1]  So our latest changes will be reflected then.

The reason we cannot deploy master to wmf2 today is because of the API change [2].  This change is not backwards compatible, therefore cherry-picking it to wmf2 would in no doubt have had unforeseen complications with other extensions / core components on wmf2 deployment branch.

Core changes like this with massive deprecations / non-backwards compatibility while rare, is a battle we face when doing weekly updates.  

Rob Moen
Wikimedia Foundation

Rob Moen
Wikimedia Foundation

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Mobile-l mailing list

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