On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Yuri Astrakhan <yastrakhan@wikimedia.org> wrote:
http://m.wikipedia.org used to be a hard-coded redirect to English en.m.wikipedia.org, except for the users in the Zero program. We now have an ability to have complex redirection for that domain. How do you think m.wikipedia.org should behave?

We could redirect m. to ...
* the current www.wikipedia.org, which seems to work pretty well on the smaller device screens
* send users to the main page of the user's default language - based on the browser settings (Accept-Language header) - and later possibly even based on user's own language prefernces
* ...

Obviously it should be similar for other projects like wikinews, etc.

I am not a big fan of building a full blown page at the m. URL, as that would involve much more work without a clear benefit - there are already www and main pages available, why build another one.


Completely agree that building a new page would be silly, we can just adapt the portals themselves (already editable on meta) with some mobile specific styling if it becomes a problem I think.

Personally I'd be a fan sending it to the main 'wikipedia.org' type landing page. Couple reasons (some larger then others):

* I've never really been a fan of assuming that they want to go to a specific languages (biggest reason)
* Finding 'other' languages on the main page of wikis (both mobile and not) is possible but significantly easier on the main portal screen.
* I kinda like the idea of driving home, to anyone who visits that portal at least, how many different languages we have. I feel like it could take their fancy to check out some of the ones they may not have before (either now or later).