Hi All,

In our ongoing effort to upgrade the UI for all of our Wikipedia mobile projects, we are converging on a design approach that achieves the initial design objectives, which are:

* to separate the article-specific actions from more general actions
* to provide a flexible and rational way to add new functions going forward
* to not change the way search is prominently displayed and accessible in the current UI

You can find the link to the project page at the end of this email.

This week we created a working prototype of the new navigation UI. The idea is to look at this in an Android phone browser.


Please note that this is rough and only certain actions are supported, which are:

- open Main Menu
- activate Search
- open Article Action Bar
- open Table of Contents

Also, please note that the visual design is not yet final.

In order to simplify communication, let's use the following terminology:

* Article Page (the view of the article with the search bar across the top)
* Search Bar (the toolbar at the top of the Article Page)
* Search Field (the rectangle where a search is initiated)
* Main Menu (what is revealed as the full-screen menu on the left)
* Main Menu Button (the W that causes the Article Page to slide to the right)
* Article Action Bar (the toolbar that comes down from the search bar)
* Submenu (the screen or step that appears after selecting a menu function)

Let us know what you think!

As background about this project, please see:


The section Initial menu covers the current design work.

Prior feedback on icons and hiding of toolbars has been collected on that page. Going forward, please use this page:


But if you are not comfortable with editing a wiki page, please respond by email.



Phil Inje Chang
Product Manager, Mobile
Wikimedia Foundation
415-812-0854 m
415-882-7982 x 6810