I do recommend looking at it on a device. I was just thinking yesterday after seeing this IRL that maybe we could consider making the arrow tiny and moving it to the end of each header. I can make a quick example. Let me know if you want to see any other options.


On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 2:02 PM, Tomasz Finc <tfinc@wikimedia.org> wrote:
On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Arthur Richards
<arichards@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Overall I really like what you've done here Jon!
>> >> The mock-up looks nice. I like the "show/hide" text, personally. I
>> >> suspect
>> >> others will want it removed.
>> > I think it's better removed but what are other people's thoughts?
>> They provide us nothing but trouble. Let's get rid of them. We can
>> tweak the icon in case the function is not cear.
> Looking at your prototype in a desktop browser, it's /very/ difficult to
> know that you can click on the section headers to expand them. While I
> assumed I could click the section headers to expand them, it took me Tomasz
> pointing out the arrow to me to notice its existence. I think this is
> because I was looking at the prototype on a 23" screen - so the arrows are
> WAYYYYYYYYYY on the other side of the screen while my eyes were drawn to the
> header text. Similarly, I think having the header text look just like...
> header text adds to the ambiguity of its expandability.

CC'ing Heather and Lindsey to get their thoughts.