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Thanks for the feedback. Responses in-line.

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agreed. has that happened?

This is something that needs community discussion on-wiki as well as announcement on wikitech-ambassadors@lists.w.o

I am interested in constructive feedback and discussion on how to solve the problem of first sentences not being very readable on mobile devices. Feel free to begin such a discussion. Moushira, the Community Liaison for the Mobile Teams, would probably be interested in helping you out. :-)

In the mean time though, the perfect cannot be the enemy of the good. The team intends to proceed with this until a more firm solution is found for the problem of first sentences being difficult to read on mobile devices due to screen space.

Is this intended for web too or just app?

This change is only in the app right now.

I personally would like to see this change adopted on mobile web, as the rationale for mobile web and mobile apps is the same. Something like this would also be nice for desktop, but it's nowhere near as critical as desktop devices typically have much more screen space to work with.

Is there a team (or even a phabricator project) responsible for tracking, prioritizing, implementing, etc the use of standard templates, element IDs, microformats and semantic markup?

Not right now. I think there should be!

There should be a way for a desktop editor to see from the desktop site what will be hidden from or shown to app readers and mobile web readers.

Absolutely agreed. A large part of what caused this problem is a lack of awareness of how things look on other devices. It's not feasible to expect users to check every change they make on their mobile phone... or to expect all users to even have mobile phones. The software should support them.

In my opinion the preview screen should support the ability to preview how a change will look on a mobile device. This is nontrivial for a variety of reasons.


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