On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 1:32 PM, Jon Robson <jdlrobson@gmail.com> wrote:
This schema has been around since the dawn of time. It collects data
around the watch star activity.

Currently we don't use it for anything.

I think we should do something about this.
1) Create an automation script using SQL [A] that generates regular
reports showing the top ten watch articles on mobile on wikis for each
month and publish that somewhere. See Graph [C] to get an idea of what
this looks like for January.
2) We may want to do the above but in addition to this stop logging
clicks on the watchstar when logged out. The graph generated for
January [D] from this data is very different, quicker to run and much
more work safe.
3) Kill the schema altogether

The purpose of schemas is to answer a question, either once or on an ongoing basis. It seems like the question with the watchlist schema was about how users in the beta were using the watchlist, particularly about the modified versus all (i.e. bookmarks). Is that right?

If so, it seems like you've answered the question for now. You might want to check this again the future though, and in that case I'd say just leave it. If not, just remove it. 

Steven Walling,
Product Manager