Hi. I've written some Glassware (software  which specifically supports Google Glass) to view Wikipedia pages. Glass will already happily show you a Wikipedia page if you just do a Google search -- nothing needed there. No, what my software does is subscribe to the location updates. When one arrives, my software gets the location, and shows you the nearest Wikipedia page.

I would like to donate this software (with my support) to the WikiMedia Foundation. That would mean two things: 1) that it run on a WMF server (it's just two Python files and uses only standard Python libraries, and per notification it makes only three external web service calls, so it's pretty lightweight), and 2) come with Wikipedia branding.

Happy to assign the copyright and even to provide free support for a specified period of time (say, two years).

All that I really need is for someone who works at the foundation to be the official release manager, so that the WMF has control over the quality of the software, so that the Wikipedia branding is protected. Who might be willing to do that?