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In short, yes. The ToC peekout was a cool idea, but really it looks more like a bug than anything else. But, it's okay that it hasn't worked. The Mobile Apps Team just championed rapid development and experimentation, and that makes us awesome! \o/

I think going with the ToC onboarding for now is fine. The remaining work there is to get it to a state that we're happy with. Then we can see how people respond once that's rolled out, and use that to gate whether we want to further experiment with other ideas.


On 9 September 2014 16:09, Vibha Bamba <> wrote:
Hi team,
Here is a roundup of comments from discussion with design team and a few other people. In theory the idea makes sense as a continuous idea (Dan came up with this, recognizing that he forgets to invoke the TOC even though he is aware that it exists)

1. It feels somewhat unpredictable. As a user I'm not sure when this thing will come out because I can't develop a pattern around it. It seems to behave differently during up-scroll and down-scroll

-When you pause scrolling to grab it, it sometimes doesn't come out or disappears and it feels like you can't get a hold of it. (This makes sense, because we don't want it to persist if a user has found a section they want to read. So the delay for dismiss may need to go up a little)

- As a user I expect it to come out all the way or not at all when you predict that I need this menu. 


Some users brought up that this is an uncommon pattern. While that doesnt bother me at all, I do believe we want it to feel right i.e predictable
I think we have a great start here but we have some decisions to make as a team:

-We can iterate on the speed and timing and test it
-We can wait to see how the TOC onboarding does and tackle this after that

Dan, we can discuss this next week after the full text search meeting.


Vibha Bamba
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Dan Garry
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