Thanks a ton Antoine! However there appears to still be an issue with parsoid on betalabs that is resulting in VE for MobileFrontend not working (and causing browser test failures). I've filed a bug:

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 1:10 PM, Antoine Musso <> wrote:
Le 31/03/2014 20:25, Ryan Kaldari a écrit :
> has been giving me a 503 all
> morning. I really need to be able to use it since we are deploying a
> change this week that is specifically related to the cluster
> configuration (specifically overriding the licensing messaging to
> support dual licensing for the WMF projects).
> Bug filed:
> Ryan Kaldari

I followed up on bug.

TL/DR : the Parsoid daemon on deployment-parsoid04 is spamming the
application servers with /w/api.php requests.

Lets follow up on the bug report.

Sorry. totally unexpected breakage!

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