After some positive results in tests this morning, we're switching the Android mobile app from loading pages in an <iframe> to loading them into a <div> directly within the main document.

I like the ideal world of content separation that iframes should give, but there are a lot of bugs in mobile browsers related to iframe handling, which interfered with layout, scrolling, clicking on UI elements in the search bar, etc. Some additional bugs made the app unusable on the latest Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich")-based phones.

There could be some regressions, especially related to layout & style, because the content is now in the same document as the main UI. Good modularity should keep the styles separate but... there might still be surprises. ;)

Latest nightly builds should include the new code, or wait for RC4 which should come soonish.

I also ran some experiments with iscroll <>, a library that can manage improved scrolling of <div> sections including zoom support. While these were positive in functionality, it was also much too slow on medium to large articles, so needs to be put off at least until we separate out sections better, so there's less material to scroll around.

-- brion