Responses in-line.

On 16 September 2014 13:32, Bernd Sitzmann <> wrote:
* Disable translations on for the various Commons related message groups. [1]

Since you're our resident guru, can you do that?
* A note in the README on github[2] about the state of the app


My understanding is that github mirrors the actual repository, so once we've got that merged it'll appear in Github too. Can someone check those and +2 them? I could +2 them myself, but... coding practices. :-)
* A cursory web search showed me a link to this blog post of the announcement of the app[3] quite prominently. I think it would be good to have a reply to it or at least another post on the same blog saying that we're sunsetting this app.

A separate blog post probably isn't necessary, but I will leave a comment on that blog post announcing that we no longer support it.
* MediaWiki [4] probably should be also updated. I've replaced the link to Google Play with the releases site on [5].

Indeed. I'll search for any relevant documentation and update it.

Thanks Bernd!


Dan Garry
Associate Product Manager, Mobile Apps
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