March 18, 2011
Orlando, Florida

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Your chance to participate Beefed Up School Resiliency Plan on School Violence. Kindly forward this invitation to your School Safety & Security and Health Officers.

As a valued member of the School Safety Threat Prevention and Preparedness Community, you are invited to attend the School Response Conference (SRC 2011), which will be held on March 18, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. SRC 2011 is a sub-conference of the World Response Conference on Global Outbreak 2009 which was telecast live by Homeland Security Channel and featured on ABC 13.

The keynote speakers are the same batch from the Western Conference on School Safety and Security such as David Osman, President of the Nevada Youth Alliance, Award Winning Los Angeles Police Officer Tony Newsom, the Executive Director Will Marling of the National Organization for Victim Assistance, and Dr James Shaw, Member Panel Expert from the Los Angeles Superior Courts. The keynote speaking will be followed by workshops from Tony Newsom and Community Matters Executive Director Rick Phillips, the lead author of the Safe Schools Ambassadors that has been implemented in more than 700 schools across United States and Canada. The conference, aimed at professionals in the education solutions industry, will also include mock exercise, workshop, and networking opportunities.

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1 801 649 4288.

Top school administrators and key decision-makers of K-12, Colleges, and Universities of both public and private, will meet with the distinguished school safety experts, public/school health officials, mental health professionals, media persons-journalist and reporters, campus security officers, risk managers, education solution providers, and emergency management experts to discuss school prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery plus school defense, safety, and security.

One of the much awaited topics from this upcoming conference is from Criminal Court-Certified Expert Witness Dr James Shaw, who will address "Why Al-Qaeda Wants U.S. Gangs: and Why You Don't Want them on Your Campuses". According to Dr Shaw, "America's schools need to teach this FBI-validated violence education and prevention curriculum for personal and social responsibility reasons, just like they teach Driver Education and Training for motor-vehicular responsibility reasons having to do with preservation of life and reduction of risks." With the existence of the US Gangs and Al-Qaeda's recruitment, Dr Shaw added that Schools need to provide law enforcement officers, courts, probation officers, parole agents, psychologists and licensed clinical social workers with tests and assessments to measure law violators' concepts of Americanism, areas of conflicts and attitudes promising or perishing conformity to American ideals.

Additionally, SRC 2010 conference will address topics of high concern as wide as ranging
school violence - school shootings, bullying, dating violence, vandalism, gang activity, alcohol and drugs, bomb threats, child abuse, vandalism, school massacres, catastrophic events such as pandemic outbreaks, tornadoes, terrorist attacks, and technological intrusions.

Where the future of public health and national school security will be decided:
· 1 full day of content
· Highest calibre speakers
· Panel Discussions,Mock Exercises & Workshops

Speakers will help attendees develop effective action plans that are unique to their own communities and engage the widest range of local stakeholders to "make our high schools and college campuses safe and secure -- the way learning environments really should be."

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