Nice work, Josephine, congratulations!

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Congratulations Josephine! :) It’s awesome to see an app which is maintained by volunteers only! :)


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Hi all,


A quick update re: the Upload to Commons Android app:


- We are now considered an 'official' app and have been granted permission by WMF to use the Wikimedia Commons logo and name. As such, the app is now named "Wikimedia Commons" <> instead of "Upload to Commons", and its icon has been changed to the Commons logo. Ownership of the app should also soon be transferred to the WMF Google Play account. On a practical basis, there should be no change in the use of the app and it will still be maintained by volunteers. 


- I am happy to announce that my IEG proposal for further work on the app <> has been selected. :) I will be starting work on it shortly, so there will be regular releases planned for the next 6 months. Bug/crash reports and feedback are welcome on our Google Groups forums <!forum/commons-app-android> and GitHub page <> as always.


Have a great day!







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