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I enjoyed a testing and I submitted a bug.


2012. 2. 17., 5:46, Yuvi Panda ۼ:

Hello everyone!

Off the really great success of Wikipedia V1.0 for Android
( ) and its impressive roll out
( the mobile team is now moving full speed with

For those that just want to get started you can download the new build
from here:

We've been reading feedback as quickly as we get it and numerous
features have bubbled up to the top for our next major release.

With V1.1 we've added :

- Integration with QuickSearch in Android
- Open Wikipedia links from other apps in the Wikipedia App (URL Intents)
- OSM replaced Google Maps for nearby view (using MapQuest tiles)
- Added Did You Mean? to search results
- Moved to jQuery off Zepto
- Touching co-ordinates inside articles shows map overlay
- Full text search
- Added 'Clear History'
- Added 'Clear Saved Pages'
- Localized a few messages that were missing
- Enable app to be saved to SD card
- Major code-refactor, still needs more love :)
- Improved tablet experience
- Move to using Hogan.js for templating
- Fixed a lot of tiny bugs!

Up-to-date changes can now be found at

While we still have a ways to go before V1.1 is ready for the market,
we really need your help in testing our beta versions. We're targeting
them as mostly feature complete and reasonably stable, but in no way
100% bug free. We need you to tell us where the app is crashing,
misbehaving, and in general providing a poor user experience. Expect
that across our alpha, beta, release candidate cycle, that your
feedback can significantly alter the features that we've added.

Test this extensively and file bugs under
Hammer on these builds mercilessly so that we can get all the kinks
out before our next major market release.

Key points to test for this version

* Test the quick search box integration. Tap the 'G' to show all of
your data providers. Tap the config icon at the top right of the new
window. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Searchable items' menu and check
'Wikipedia' . Search for 'San Francisco' and/or any other term. Try
the same with multiple languages. You may have to turn off Web
searches until you train your phone to surface Wikipedia results more
* Open the native web browser. Load Search for 'San
Francisco'. Tap the result that points to our mobile site. The app
should pop up an intent menu. Choose 'Wikipedia' as the default app.
* Switch your phone to a language that is written Right to Left. Use
the application as you normally would, and report anything that is not
what you would expect. We now have nascent RTL UI support, and need
all the testing we can possibly get
* Tap near by in the App. Navigate around the map and select whatever
pins you might see. Tap a pin to go to the article detail page
* Search for 'Mumbai' in the App search bar. Go to the article. Scroll
to the bottom of the info box. Tap the GPS coordinate. You should then
see a map with geographically related articles
* Search for 'Charile Sava' in the App search bar. Note that no
relevant match shows up. Tap the magnifying glass to the a full text
search and note that 'Ann curtis' comes up
* Search for 'San Francisko' . Note that the app catches the
misspelling and offers up 'San Francisco' as a spelling correction.
Tap the spelling correction to go to the article
* In the app tap menu, history, and top right X button to clear your
browsing history
* In the app tap menu, saved pages, and top right X button to clear
your saved pages
* Starting from the home screen tap menu, manage apps, scroll to
'Wikipedia'. Tap move to USB storage.
* All of our test cases from V1.0 -
* .. and whatever else you may want try out

General Feedback @
(edit away) .

There are bound to be bugs but don't think that someone will file them
for you. If you don't file it then chances are that we won't know it's
an issue. If you're not sure of whether it's a bug or not, then come
join us on #wikimedia-mobile (freenode) and we'll sort it out.

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