The Android team[0] is pleased to announce a new Wikipedia Android app
beta release, v2.2.146-beta-2016-05-23[1]. This revision contains the
following new fixes and functionality[2]:

* Introducing Reading Lists: In place of the old "Saved Pages", you can
  now organize the articles you browse into reading lists, which you can
  access even when you're offline. Create as many lists as you like,
  give them custom names, and populate them with articles from any
  language wiki!
* Update authentication to work with the latest server changes.
* Add "edit here" to the long press menu.
* Check Wikipedia Zero status on page load instead of on network state
* Improved Wikipedia Zero banner design.
* No longer force downloading and widening HQ images when on a metered
* Numerous crash and bug fixes.

Included in this version are patches from first time contributors,
Michael Basil[3] and Elad Keyshawn[4], and repeat contributors,
maroloccio[5] and Dan Garry[6]. Nice work, devs!

You too can help make it better! Read our getting started guide[7]. We
can't wait for your contributions!

-The WMF Android team

[1] Rolling out at
[2] A complete list of changes is available at;beta/2.2.146-beta-2016-05-23
[5] IRC: maroloccio,
[6] IRC: Deskana,