On 9 May 2012 02:28, Erik Moeller <erik@wikimedia.org> wrote:
You can specify demographics, but in terms of region, usertesting.com
is currently limited to the US, UK, and Canada.
 Okay, in that case it would be good to have users with different competency levels using their phones to see how they differ in their views and usage of the app/mobile site.
Since there's no magic involved (people are literally filming their
phones), you can ask them to do pretty much anything, including
installation of an app.
Then this would be a good idea to get people that have never used the Wikipedia app before to film trying it out so that we understand what initial impressions during first use and difficulties faced, how easy it is for them to see all the features of the app, if they can figure out what the Read it Later service is, asking them to compare their experience to the mobile site... 
It requires logging in. You can however download any of the videos,
encode them with ffmpeg2theora and upload them to Commons. We have
permission to do so under CC-BY per their terms of use:


Okay, I can do this for all 6 videos later today, if they're >100MB I'll try the UploadWizard again or request a server side upload.  Do you have a user name/password that I can use to add the annotations?