So today I worked with Kaldari (thanks for the help!!) and committed a very simple module to enable webfonts support in MobileFrontend:

Review and any comments are very welcome, of course.

The current implementation is very simple. It doesn't allow any configuration or choice of fonts - if there is a default font for the language, it is used wherever there's a lang attribute or a style or a class the sets a font explicitly. (Some languages, like Tamil and Hebrew have fonts, but they are not default, so none are used). It may be worth optimizing it, for example:

* Only loading the font of the content language to save time and bandwidth. (Loading additional fonts can be an option.)
* Only loading fonts on devices that are known to have bad font support. On iPhone and it's pretty for many languages. On the latest Windows Mobile version it's very good. On Android below 4.0, however, it's very bad: most languages of India are completely unreadable, which is the main reason to do this (the same goes for languages of Ethiopia, South-East Asia and some others). Android 4 and above is not always perfect either.

I'd love to hear more considerations about bandwidth, performance, testing etc.


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