Hello Android Wikipedia alpha users!

We recently implemented a change in our signing process affecting alpha
builds. While a long term improvement, in the short term this will
require an uninstall and reinstall of the _alpha_ app. This can be done
at any time but app upgrades will fail in the interim.

Please note that this change has no effect on beta nor prod installs.
This change is only applicable to the app titled "Wikipedia Alpha" that
has an orange starburst icon[0].

If you don't have the alpha app installed, today is a good day to

-The Wikimedia Android team

[0] https://git.wikimedia.org/blob/apps%2Fandroid%2Fwikipedia/7662379c6dce0882732ed4ecf4814cc6235f747a/app%2Fsrc%2Falpha%2Fres%2Fdrawable-xxxhdpi%2Flauncher.png