We're pleased to bring you an updated version of the Wikipedia Android app, available now on the Google Play Store! [1]. Here are the highlights from this update (or browse the complete change history):

- Numerous improvements to the UI for managing your reading lists.
- Individual reading list articles can now be toggled on/offline.
- Improved caching of images for offline availability.
- Random feed card now pulls a random article from the user's reading lists when offline.
- Many other bug fixes and design updates.

Many thanks to our volunteers who contributed patches to this release, including Amir Aharoni (IRC: aharoni, Wikipedia User:Amire80), Codrut Grosu (Github: superCodrut, Twitter: @GrosuCodrut), and Dinu Kumarasiri (IRC: sandaru, Github: sandarumk).

If you'd like to help improve the app yourself, take a look at our getting started guide. We're looking forward to your contributions!

[1] For devices without Google Play services, you may download the app directly.


Dmitry Brant
Senior Software Engineer / Product Owner (Android)
Wikimedia Foundation