This sounds like this bug that is currently open:
To work around I think you need to set it using %h0, %h1 and %h2 where '%h0' maps to 'en', '%h1' maps to 'wikipedia', and '%h2' maps to 'org'.
try 'm.$h1.%h2'

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 9:42 PM, VP Singh <> wrote:
I have my wiki on and when i click mobileview.  it goes to
which is totally fine.

I want the mobile view on the m subdomain.

I set $mobileurltemplate : Now , the links appears to be
broken. I want to know how to use the m on apache server.
I tried to use rewrite rule. but it was wrong.
If the mobileurltemplate can automaatically generate a subdomain and
display the content
or Give me the rewrite rule, only if its need

If you visit the wiki. it is in under construction. just solve this

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