The mobile Web team is currently focused on other areas of MobileFrontend. Likely any work on this from the team would happen during experimentation or free time. That said, patches are always welcome from outside the team ;) We are happy to help support others hacking on this stuff as best we can.

On Apr 2, 2014 9:00 PM, "積丹尼 Dan Jacobson" <> wrote:
Yes, we [[Manual:Wiki family]] users would much rather have control over
it via LocalSettings.php, instead of 1000 Mediawiki:SomePage pages.

I want to zap watchlist, uploads, and settings, and add Special:SpecialPages.

>>>>> "JR" == Jon Robson <> writes:
JR> Currently there is no level of configuration on the mobilefrontend
JR> menu. I think making this configurable via LocalSettings is worth
JR> exploring. Something like
JR> $menu = array( 'discovery' => ( 'MainPage', 'Special:Random',
JR> 'Special:Nearby', ) 'user' => 'Special:Watchlist' );

Also there needs to be an optional customized title for each offered, in
case one wants random to be called 'Feeling lucky' etc... but then there
are language issues...

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