audio and video is still badly supported on mobile unfortunately. It’s not intentional. In this case you are probably running into:
The other problem was also a bug that was fixed a while ago. i’ll link the reports


On 31 mrt. 2015, at 19:48, Pine W <> wrote:

Hi mobile teams,

Awhile ago I pointed out ( that the important template in content pages that directs readers from article subsections to "main articles" is missing from mobile web pages. I have since found other templates with relevant reader-oriented content to be missing from mobile web. With the latest Android app release this problem appears to be happing at greater scale in mobile apps now as well. For example the audio demonstration of jazz that I placed at the top of the "Jazz" article on English Wikipedia is missing from Android and from mobile web. Please, please __do not__ use technical means to delete content or templates from mobile views when they are intended for our readers on all platforms and were placed in articles through the efforts of volunteers, especially not without a community discussion first. Formatting tweaks are negotiable, but this kind of content elimination makes me upset. I feel that it degrades Wikipedia's value to readers,  and as a person who adds audio and other templates to articles I find it discouraging to have my efforts removed from the view of so many Wikipedia readers.

Thank you for your work to make Wikipedia reading be a good experience on mobile.


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