RC3 is ready quickly on the heels of RC2. This includes a small bug fix that was causing the search bar to show up on subsequent web views.

As before, we'd like to push a new minor version of our iOS Wikipedia app and need your help testing. This is mostly for bug fixes and an updated account for our geo service. For those that just want to get going download it from here, drag into iTunes, and sync.

http://dumps.wikimedia.org/iOS/WikipediaMobile-RC3.ipa (MD5 df8b9590be2651c38e12392df7bb97d8)

NOTE: If you haven't given me your UDID then this IPA will NOT work for you. I need to have your IPA before we build a new version in order for it work. If your try the IPA and find that it wont install then follow these instructions to send me your UDID and I will build a new version.


Things to try

* Near by me (GPS, 3G/Edge, just WIFI, no connectivity)
* Tap search and make sure the search bar clears for new input* General browsing to make sure the app is stable
* .. and whatever else you can think off

Known issues

* Lots of feature requests but no outstanding launch bugs

Feedback page is here @ http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Projects/WikipediaMobileiOSFeedback(edit away)

As before there are bound to be bugs but don't think that someone will file them for you. If you don't file it then chances are that we wont know its an issue. If your not sure of wether its a bug or not then come join us on #wikimedia-mobile (freenode) and we'll sort it out.