Hello mobile Wikimedians,

This morning the iOS app team published an update of the Wikipedia app to the App Store[1].

This update includes:
 - Totally rebuilt account management system, including support for two-factor login, password reset and accessible account creation
 - Improved image layout, especially on iPad 
 - Fixes and small improvements for Share-a-fact
 - Improved caching behavior to take up less space on device
 - Get directions to any geotagged article from the Share action (opens the Maps app)
 - Better filtering of non-article pages from reading recommendations (no more recommendations of Main Pages!)
 - Lots and lots of small improvements and bug fixes

As always, many thanks to all our volunteer translators, beta testers and code contributors. I particularly want to recognize user Julien Bodet (julbod) who submitted several significant patches for this version. 


[1] - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wikipedia/id324715238?mt=8