As an avid Wiktionary user and editor, I was wondering: how difficult would it be to fork the Wikipedia app into a Wiktionary app? If MediaWiki doesn’t want to make an official Wiktionary app, I might still want to make my own fork, because I think Wiktionary has a lot to offer compared to other dictionaries available in mobile app stores.

The organization of content on Wikipedia is very different to the structure on Wiktionary, so I'm not sure if simply forking the app will produce something useful. The same might be true for Kiwix, but it sounds like they plan to do some Wiktionary-specific customizations.

It's sad to see that development efforts for generic solutions / apps for sister projects don't have a high priority at the WMF right now, it just reinforces the view that Wikimedia = Wikipedia.

There are some apps in the app stores which source data from Wiktionary, such as Livio on Google Play, but they don’t replicate the full Wiktionary experience.

What's the biggest feature you're missing from these apps?

If you're on iOS, you can check out motî, it's a Wiktionary-based app I've been working on the last few years: