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On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Yuvi Panda <> wrote:
Thank you everyone :)

I'll also add a shout out to the amazing volunteers who run and maintain OTRS, without whom the app would probably not be as stable as it is. We've been using OTRS to collect feedback and crash reports, and the admins/community there has been most helpful. Special shoutout to RD/pajz/Krenair :) If other teams are looking for ways to gather and triage feedback from readers/non-editors, OTRS is highly reccomended (from our experience). 

On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 4:45 AM, Dario Taraborelli <> wrote:
kudos, everybody. I look forward to seeing how adoption evolves and I’m really excited we’re catching up with the rest of the web with native apps.

On Jun 30, 2014, at 11:45 AM, Tomasz Finc <> wrote:

> With the dust settling for our launch of the new native Android app in
> the Google Play Store [1] I'd like to acknowledge the great work that
> the team [2] has done and forward some of the reviews we've seen come
> in. [3]
> Here are some of my favorites
> "Super, the bugs are out. Runs like clockwork. Class layout. Now again
> everything tip top."
> (Translated from German)
> "I am glad that there are also pages in the app can be edited. The app
> is really fantastic!"
> (Translated from Dutch)
> "Keeping it 100 This app is a great way to access Wikipedia and the
> fact that it doesn't snoop all your information is really cool. I'll
> support Wikimedia till the end."
> "Perfect since the last update Native Android is always the better way
> for an android app. Looks marvelous and awesome, gg :-)"
> "Great! Since the latest update everything is much improved. No more
> random crashes on start-up and the UI is much more pleasing to the
> eye. Well done!"
> "To have One of those applications that you put "default". Wikipedia
> is always helpful and this app is a good summary of simplicity and
> functionality"
> (Translated from Italian)
> "Simply brilliant From idea to implementation, a round good thing, a
> walking stick for humanity on your way to unity."
> (Translated from German)
> And a healthy amount of critique that we're ready to take head on
> "Very good I really like the current interface. What I totally
> disagree is that they have placed the option of modifying entries from
> Mobile. If there are already many people adulterating tickets from the
> web version, the mobile version now since many people with nothing to
> do will too"
> And my personal nonsensical favorite
> "Savage app! This app is totally SAVAGE bro! It will make your day
> glow like a lemonade cooler and bring home the bacon, fry it up in a
> pan! Now that's what i call SAVAGE!"
> (Translating this is beyond me but I love the energy)
> Thank You to Dmitry, Bernd, Yuvi, Dan, Vibha, Moiz and others for
> getting us here.
> We're all excited to see iOS go next.
> --tomasz
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