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Subject: Please read: Proposal to consolidate Mobile projects documentation
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A few weeks ago, Tomasz asked me to investigate the possibility of
consolidating the Mobile projects documentation, currently split
between meta and mediawiki.org.

I've done some inventorizing and planning:

What I'd like to ask you guys now is the following:

* Do you see any reason not to move forward with this plan?

I've never been totally clear on the distinction between mediawiki.org and meta.wikimedia.org, but I've operated under the assumption that the former is for mediawiki-specific/related documentation (docs for extensions, projects related to mediawiki, etc) and that the latter was for things more... meta, like team-specific documentation. So, that's how I've tried to approach creating mobile-related pages. Personally, I think there is value in this divide - it provides a logical separation between teams and projects, which I think is a Good Thing for an open source project - people outside of the team can participate in the project, and people outside of the team probably don't really care about team-specific documentation (eg roles/responsibilities, meeting notes, etc). I understand that putting documentation in ONE place can also be enormously beneficial from the perspective of always knowing where to look; but we already won't have our documentation in one place - there's also wikitech, and some stuff on officewiki. So my preference would be to keep the divide of project-specific stuff on mediawiki, team-specific stuff on meta, ultra private stuff on office, architectural documentation on wikitech. If most of you really think centralizing *all* mobile documentation (projects, team, etc) in one place is a good idea, can someone try and convince me?

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