Greetings All,

Looking at the finish line we have RC4 ready for you! Next time were going to call these betas :) Everyone has been doing a kick ass job squashing bugs and preparing for our app to be ready for Global Dev on 1/13/12. With this update you'll see updates for ICS (Android 4.0), language fixes, near by me updates, and more.

For those that just want to get going: (MD5 dae4c369a8abaae3ee514d0f8206a95a)

Nightly's here: (Google maps wont work as the app is not signed yet)

Key points to test (mostly same as before)

* Browse as you would normally do on WIFI, 2G, 3G, & no connectivity
* Save an article that you're on and then load it as a saved page. Delete that saved page.
** Go into airplane mode and load the saved article. Follow a link
* Open your browsing history and load a previous page
* Tap 'near me' and browse articles. Move the map and tap 'redo search
in this area'
* Share a link with someone on twitter or facebook
* Change your language preference in the Settings menu
* Use a phone that is in a non-US locale to test other languages like: Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, etc
* Change the font size settings to 'Small' & 'Larger'
* .. and whatever else you may want try out

Items fixed or updated since RC3

* Wikipedia Android app is stuck when triggering 'Jump back to a section' from cache
* Wikipedia Android app sometimes shows old home page
* Jenkins marks automatic Android .apk builds as failure due to symlink already existing
* Android app doesn't update locale when system locale changes
* "Share" feature should send the canonical/desktop form of link instead of *
* Regression: Wikipedia android app no longer shows history for viewed articles
* PhoneGap app needs to show visual feedback when clicking the W 'home' button
* Inter-wiki "Read in..." button graphic
* Android app web view is very tiny on Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) emulator
* Android app nearby me should allow user to redo search after map move
* Android app 'cache' branch: crash during navigation
* Android app 'cache' branch: keeps forgetting what page I left off on
* Browsing history is not updated
* "About" is always showing [[en:Wikipedia:About]]
* App not usable on Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0 ICS with xhdpi display)
* Navigating pages on Android 4 (ICS) tries to load about:blank in external browser
* Saved pages open without markup fixes, in full window (breaking app) in Android 4.0 (ICS)
* Android app should support (or always?) use HTTPS
* Android app should not forget that its just done a near by me search if the location hasn't changed
* Android app doesn't allow search when webview overlaps with an image
* The "language" entry in the settings dialog is moving
* After the language is changed the page content does not change
* Wikipedia Android app doesn't surface disambiguation page for 'Go'
* W goes to English home page, even when in another language
* Search language is not in current language
* Wikipedia Android should maximize touch surface are of near by me detail boxes
* Current location in Nearby missing
* Wikipedia Android app drops pins after tapping an article
* Wikipedia Android app doesn't show pins after redo search until user taps the screen
* Fix Wikipedia icon in Android app
* Update to PhoneGap 1.3.0
* Wikipedia Android app name isn't localized
* After using manage applications to "clear data" application won't restart
* Give the site Main page a better title in history
* Wikipedia Android app should have a better no search results page
* Previous and next Nearby (map) article
* Close Nearby view

Known issues

* Tapping the hardware search button dosen't always show a blinking cursor
* Android 4.0 minor glitches:
** off-by-one in menus
** search bar doesn't expand in landscape mode

Feedback page @
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As before there are bound to be bugs but don't think that someone will file them for you. If you don't file it then chances are that we wont know its an issue. If your not sure of wether its a bug or not then come join us on #wikimedia-mobile (freenode) and we'll sort it out.