Greetings WLM testers,

Below you'll find a new beta of our android app that's very close to being feature complete.

As before, make sure to have "Unknown sources" in Settings => Applications turned on. 

Uploads will go to test wiki so feel free to upload whatever you like.



Please try the following:
* Browse by campaign and drill down to the desired region's monuments
* Sort the list by name and address
* Search with a search term
* Open a monument, click on "Get directions"
* Click on add a photo
* Login or create a Commons account
* Choose from gallery or take a photo
* Choose "Save for Later" on the Confirm Upload screen
* Go back to the opening screen
* Click on "Use my current location"
* Move around the map, open a cluster (a group of monuments close together)
* Click on a pin, open the monument
* Add a photo (login should be retained)
* Choose "Save for Later" on the Confirm Upload screen
* Click OK and choose or take another photo
* Go to Uploads and see the uploads saved for later

Let us know what you think!

Known issues:

* Browse by country shows coded region names in some places
* Incomplete/Completed Uploads tab is buggy
* Upload of incomplete uploads not yet functional
* Some back behavior is inconsistent
* Sort by distance appears when browsing by country
* List view should have a "more" link when lists exceed 100 monuments

Please forward this email as appropriate.

Phil Inje Chang
Product Manager, Mobile
Wikimedia Foundation
415-812-0854 m
415-882-7982 x 6810