Hi everyone,

In light of the Phabricator migration, a few people in the Mobile Web and Mobile Apps teams met to discuss how we're going to handle this.

In a meeting with Quim a few weeks ago, Mobile Web and Mobile Apps decided that the long term plan was to switch to Phabricator, but for now we're going to stick with Trello because Phabricator is missing a few bits of functionality that we really like. We communicated these so the team upstream is aware.

For now, people will be filing issues with our products in Phabricator. So how do we get those into Trello? We may make Phabello, a tool to automatically import things using the Trello and Phabricator APIs, but that's not on the cards right at this moment.

Here were our outcomes of how we're going to interact with Phabricator:
All hail KPhab!


Dan Garry
Associate Product Manager, Mobile Apps
Wikimedia Foundation