These videos are good - they allow you to see users of different abilities levels using the mobile versions of Wikipedia - maybe even something to consider if we roll out changes to the desktop site. A few questions,

1)  Can you set specific demographics such as location though? Looking at the iPhone one, it sounds like a couple are in American and one in the UK, but having a global testing or different countries each time might be a good idea.

2) Can we use this for the Wikipedia app, the one that is downloaded from the App Market / App Store - I think this will be very useful there.

3) I want to add annotations to videos, such as for I can comment on the competency and confidence of the user using their iPhone and also how they seem to be missing the point of looking at the desktop site on their iPhone not their desktop! this would be good for clearer instructions in the future. I can't seem to be able add annotations though to this, do I need to be logged in for this?