> We've considered such problems at great length, and so far never actually managed to succeed at drawing people in to editing on mobile devices.

I'd really love to know more details about this.

Most of all: Did you consider consider getting new people to contribute on mobile, or did you consider getting experienced desktop contributors to contribute also on mobile? These are separate things. My intuition tells me that the second is much easier to do than the first, though this will probably require talking to experienced editors and asking them what changes do they need to make it easier to do it?

And in general, can you write more details about what you considered and tried till now?

And what do you mean when I know that I make edits on mobile web and apps occasionally[1][2][3], and I see the "Mobile" tag every day in recent changes and watchlist, but I don't know the actual numbers. I supposed that there is some data, but I couldn't find any on mediawiki.org easily. For example
* What's the number of mobile edits?
* What's the number of mobile edits per namespace? (I was surprised at the number of mobile edits that I made to talk pages, given that the classic talk pages [unlike Flow] work so horribly on mobile.)
* What's the number of mobile edits by anons?
* What's the number of people who start editing and don't save?

It would be nice to read about all of the above broken down to web and the two apps (the two big apps are quite different).

(Finally, when you say "we", do you mean Apps, or all the mobile developers?)

== Footnotes ==
[1] Flow works very well on Mobile web, and I made a lot of Flow edits, but unfortunately they aren't tagged:

[2] Hebrew:

[3] English: