Hi all!
I friend of mine bought a remote webserver and gave me access to it. Now i wanted to install MediaWiki on that webserver. First I uploaded all files to the directory "mediawikiinst" and updated LocalSetting.php and AdminSettings.php. The install.php will now "install" MediaWiki to the directory "mediawiki" (is this right to do so?), but I ran into several problems:
PHP: 4.3.4
MySQL: 3.23.54
Webserver, OS: dunno (is there a way to find that out, f.e. read the header etc.?)
1. I can't start php from console.
That was no big problem, I just commented out the readconsole function in install.php and used a default value.
2. I can't create users and grant them rights.
I changed the line "$rconn = mysql_connect( $wgDBserver, "root", $rootpw );" [98] to my user and commented out "dbsource( "./maintenance/users.sql", $rconn );", because I'm not allowed to grant anything. This may be no problem, because my user is allowed to do everything else, like select and update the database.
3. All .phmtl files are empty.
I uploaded the standard .phtml files to the "mediawiki" directory.
4. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getallheaders() in /kunden/muddasheep.com/darrn/mediawiki/wiki.phtml on line 23
How do I solve problem #4 and are all my other steps possibly?
PS: I can't change anything in the config files of php, mysql, server etc.
Thx in advance!