On 4/8/22 16:55, Toshi Esumi wrote:

On 4/8/22 00:51, Andre Klapper wrote:
[a50bfc1261fc29c06a343aec] 2022-04-08 05:32:47: Fatal exception of type

Can someone tell me where to start debugging
See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:How_to_debug



I didn't know "debug" manual page existed. I'll check it through.


When I set up a debug log file as in the manual, I got below Error and raised an exception. What does this actually mean? The table 'ipblocks' seems to be empty even at current working wiki.

[exception] [f65061fd070ba64e5c3ded34] /toshiwiki/Main_Page   Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError: Error 1054: Unknown column 'ipb_sitewide' in 'field list' (localhost)

Function: MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::newLoad

Query: SELECT  ipb_id,ipb_address,ipb_timestamp,ipb_auto,ipb_anon_only,ipb_create_account,ipb_enable_autoblock,ipb_expiry,ipb_deleted,ipb_block_email,ipb_allow_usertalk,ipb_parent_block_id,ipb_sitewide,ipb_by_actor,ipblocks_a
ctor.actor_user AS `ipb_by`,ipblocks_actor.actor_name AS `ipb_by_text`,comment_ipb_reason.comment_text AS `ipb_reason_text`,comment_ipb_reason.comment_data AS `ipb_reason_data`,comment_ipb_reason.comment_id AS `ipb_reason_cid
`  FROM `ipblocks` JOIN `actor` `ipblocks_actor` ON ((actor_id=ipb_by_actor)) JOIN `comment` `comment_ipb_reason` ON ((comment_ipb_reason.comment_id = ipb_reason_id))   WHERE ipb_address = 'my_vm's_host_IP' OR ((ipb_range_sta
rt  LIKE 'CF6C%' ESCAPE '`' ) AND (ipb_range_start <= 'CF6CDAAA') AND (ipb_range_end >= 'CF6CDAAA'))

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